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(This firm is not a CPA Firm)

Consistent and timely communication between our client’s attorney and his or her CPA is the key to making sure that he maximizes the potential of his business and defines and reaches the personal financial goals that have been set.

At Blazier, Christensen, Browder & Virr, P.C. , our lawyers and CPAs work closely together to give our clients a one-stop solution to their business, tax, and estate planning. We take a creative and collaborative approach to our clients’ taxes, personal and business finances, and business affairs-all with the goal of helping them improve their total financial well-being.

We look forward to the opportunity to help entrepreneurs grow their business and make informed decisions which will greatly impact the long term potential of that business. The services our CPAs provide to our clients include:

  • CFO: Many of our clients are growing their businesses and may not yet be at the point where they need a full time Chief Financial Officer. However, they do want someone with expert tax and corporate experience to consult with their board of directors. They also want someone to guide their accounting department from time to time and assist with internal financial statements, budgeting and special reports required for banking and bonding needs. We can provide a cost effective alternative to hiring a full time CFO for our clients who find themselves in this position. Furthermore, we have many years of experience in handling the special needs of construction accounting, including preparation of WIP schedules for those reporting on the percentage of completion method.
  • Accounting: We can assist our client’s in house bookkeeping team with general journal entries, and questions related to tax planning and sound accounting practices.
  • Tax Planning and preparation: We have a network of CPAs that we work with both in-house and outside our firm to provide a seamless integration of the tax planning measures that are discussed in our meetings with our clients and in tax return preparation.
  • Estate Planning: Our CPAs collaborate closely with our Estate attorneys to work through the client’s Estate Planning process to maximize the value of the estate that will be passed down according to our client’s wishes.
Patricia G Butler

Patricia G. Butler, CPA, CFP®, has over 20 years of experience as comptroller and Chief Financial Officer for a variety of companies. She began her career in a national accounting firm, preparing and reviewing tax returns as well as performing audits. From there, she joined a client of the firm as part-time comptroller. This company was engaged in manufacturing and importing goods from Asia, with warehouses and factories in the Philippines and in Hong Kong. Tricia worked her way up to performing the duties of chief financial officer for the company, managing several departments and preparing financial statements and forecasts. She also travelled to Asia in the role of troubleshooter and auditor on behalf of the shareholders.

In 2004, Ms. Butler joined Blazier, Christensen, Browder & Virr, P.C. A large part of her time is spent in financial planning, as well as serving as Chief Financial Officer for select clients. Working closely with the attorney, Ms. Butler is able to offer an efficient, integrated approach to the financial needs of a business as well as the shareholders.

Tricia was born in San Antonio, Texas, and earned her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Texas Tech University. She then attended the University of Texas to earn her certificate in Financial Planning in order to broaden her knowledge, and be of greater service to the business owners and individuals with whom she works.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and painting the landscape in and around Austin. She currently serves as treasurer on the board of a non-profit art organization, as well as participating as a director and officer for the Central Texas chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association.

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