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Partition Lawsuits and Sale of Co-Owned Property

Partition is the legal term used that refers to the division of property that is co-owned, typically real property. It can be done by the agreement of the co-owners, or through litigation known as a partition suit. A partition suit typically arises when family members inherit a piece of property and own it jointly, and one of the family members wants to divide the property or force its sale. One of the co-owners files a lawsuit in Court to have the court determine if the property can be divided, and if not how the property will be sold. For large tracts of unimproved land, the property can often be divided amongst the co-owners. For single residence properties or smaller tracts of land, the only viable option is to sell the property by order of the Court.

We have assisted many clients with the division or sale of property by agreement of joint owners, and we have represented them in court when an agreement between co-owners of the property cannot be reached. If you are the co-owner of property and would like to discuss your options for selling or dividing the property contract us at 512-361-2268 or email us to arrange an initial consultation with one of our experienced Austin real estate litigation attorneys.

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