Industry focus: Texas’ vast and varied construction realm

The generic term “construction law” connotes a truly broad universe of vitally important subject matter. Even quick contemplation of the construction realm must acknowledge the field’s sheer scope, especially in a developed and constantly evolving country like the United States.

And as is similarly true with just about any topic, Texas looms particularly large when it comes to construction-linked activities. The state is arguably unparalleled nationally for the frenetic and varied nature of its construction industries.

To wit: Commercial buildings and residential properties are constantly being built across the state. Infrastructure projects (e.g., roads and bridges) are always ongoing. Power generation, mass transit, waterworks, airports, schools — the list comprising construction work goes on indefinitely.

Seemingly, so too does the slate of participants that operate within the realm. We spotlight some of the key actors on our website at the proven Austin construction law firm of Blazier, Christensen, Browder & Virr. They broadly include property owners, developers, general contractors and subcontractors, lenders, architects, engineers and designers, product manufacturers and suppliers, and additional parties.

All those entities understandably have rights they need to protect, and they reasonably turn to experienced construction law attorneys to safeguard and promote their interests.

We take pride in our firm’s often-demonstrated ability to do that job. We stress on our website that our deep legal team represents industry participants across a wide spectrum “in every phase of construction.”

And we have been doing so for decades in Austin and all across Central Texas.

We welcome contacts from construction professionals concerning any industry-linked questions or concerns.