Employment law: a widely encompassing concern for business managers

It’s a broad universe.

In fact, the truly expansive realm of employment law is a front-and-center concern for businesses of all types in Central Texas and across the country.

And it’s certainly understandable why.

The work relationship between employers and employers is a reciprocal and symbiotic one. Each side needs the other to individually and collectively profit. Each needs to care for the other while simultaneously safeguarding personal interests. It’s all a bit tricky.

And thus, unsurprisingly, permeated with a legal overlay. Employment law as it features in virtually any workplace is prominently marked by many and varied agreements and documents. Those range from company handbooks, best-practice manuals and policy guidelines to employment contracts, noncompete agreements and more.

Coupled with that complexity is the attendant reality that the employment sphere is an arena heavily regulated by both state and federal authorities, with a mix of local/municipal statutes and edicts also commonly in the mix. That vast interplay of law governs matters ranging widely from workplace discrimination/harassment claims to alleged wage violations.

We appreciate the complexity and linked need for employers to be proactive and nuanced in their approach to employment law at the pro-business law firm of Blazier, Christensen, Browder & Virr in Austin. Our deep legal team routinely helps diverse and valued commercial clients timely develop sound employment law policies that address all conceivable industry concerns. In doing so, we duly note that, “Work force and employment matters must be carefully addressed from the outset.”

We welcome contacts to the firm concerning any employment-linked questions and concerns, as well as the opportunity to apply our attorneys’ proven acumen on behalf of businesses needing diligent legal representation.