Construction defects an obvious concern for industry principals

We stress a relevant point on our website at the Austin law firm of Blazier, Christensen, Browder & Virr concerning our legal advocacy of clients in the construction realm. We duly note on a firm practice page that our proven legal team represents broad-based industry participants “in every phase of construction.”

One matter that obviously concerns virtually every construction industry actor relates to project integrity.

Put another way: The potential emergence or actual occurrence of one or more material construction defects is a universal and top-tier concern. One in-depth online overview of construction defects rightly stresses that they “can result in monumental damage [and] also go unnoticed for a long period of time.”

When they are discovered, they can sabotage a project, both in the residential and commercial realm. It is absolutely key for project participants justifiably relying on parties to do work in a reasonably workmanlike way that defects be avoided.

Candidly, that optimal outcome is not always secured in the business world. Defects do feature in projects, and they can spawn extensive damage. The above-cited primer notes that major defects often occur within a few select categories, including these:

  • Design matters (e.g., engineering and architectural mistakes)
  • Problems arising from the use of inferior building materials
  • Construction lapses/glitches that yield problems like water infiltration, the growth of mold, leaks and cracking foundations
  • Subsurface issues, chiefly structural integrity that is compromised by expansive soil and other instabilities

Construction project participants have legal rights that protect them against substandard work performance and adverse outcomes owing to resulting defects. They can turn for counsel and proven representation to an experienced legal team that will safeguard and fully promote their interests.