Discover your rights as a subcontractor in Texas

Subcontractors must establish a solid relationship with their employers by agreeing to a contract. Protect the amount of labor, time and dedication that you put into a project. Start by identifying your rights as a manual worker in Texas.

A legally binding contract

Subcontractors have the right to receive a legally binding contract. This contract outlines the duties and responsibilities that they must fulfill along with the budget constraints and deadlines at which they must fulfill them. Their employers also have rights and obligations that they are bound to within the terms.

Reasonable, timely payments

Every subcontractor is entitled to receive payments on time. If any wage is unpaid, the professional has the right to file a lien against the property owner. Other terms include a supplier’s lien if materials are supplied, a laborer’s lien and a design professional’s lien. The lien is a measure that protects the contractor from having to work without fair, prompt compensation.

Safe, healthy workplace

A subcontractor has the right to work in a safe, healthy workplace. The construction industry follows safety standards that are set by OSHA. Every construction law has safety clauses that specify how safe a construction site must be. A subcontractor who discovers any violation can sue the employer and claim that the worksite is not being legally operated.

Subcontractors are important too

A subcontractor is not a subcontractor without having a contract that includes professional duties and individual rights. In Texas, this professional is protected by civil laws and court systems as long as a signed contract exists. Knowing your rights is essential to getting the justice and compensation that you deserve.