How Texan construction laws protect you

Construction law in Texas works in your favor whether you’re a contractor or project owner. Both parties involved in a construction deal have a responsibility to the other. The basic agreement is payment in exchange for a particular service. Anything can happen once a construction project is started, and the errors that arise might be the fault of no one. Making a decision to resolve such a dispute can take time. In the worst case scenario, neither party can come to a resolution.

Unresolved disputes

Construction law lays the foundation for how disputes are handled when the members involved can’t find an agreement. As with any legal dispute that has no remedy, a public judge will need to preside over the case to find the solution. The steps taken to find a resolution are all laid out in Texan law. Anytime a public court has to make a judgment on a dispute, the parties involved might not see their wishes granted.

Fair pay and compensation

Compensation is often laid out within the specific contract between a worker and their client. Pay and compensation become tricky issues when negligence is involved. Even when there’s no neglect, the owner of a project might feel that the contractor’s work caused more damage than good. In such cases, the laws of Texas will grant the contractor time to remedy the situation. As long as they fix any perceived faults, they’re entitled to their pay.

Construction law in Texas

Deciding who’s at fault is necessary before any judgements can be made. Finding fault, however, is the most complex aspect, for each side might have blame to present. In such cases, understand that a resolution can be found. This is why the construction laws of Texas exist.