Organize your business by avoiding a few common mistakes

As a small business owner in Texas, you could have several responsibilities throughout the course of the week, especially if you don’t have employees. While performing your tasks, it can sometimes be easy to make a few legal mistakes that could impact your business in the future.

Labor laws

When looking into business law and labor information, some of the details to consider include wage regulations and how many hours a week employees can work. These laws typically include details about how old employees can be in order to legally work along with discrimination information. Hiring and firing regulations are often included as well.


While a written contract for a small business owner isn’t a requirement, it’s often a good idea to have one so that all of the details about interactions with customers and employees are kept on file. Written documents can be scanned and stored on your computer or on a flash drive so that you don’t have a lot of papers that could get lost or ruined. Each contract should be dated and have each party’s signature before it’s considered complete.


While you want to protect the physical property that you have that comprises your business, you also want to protect the intellectual property that you have. This includes your branding, the name of your business, and any specific products or services that only you offer that set you apart from other businesses. Trademarks or copyrights can often be obtained to protect these details so that they cannot be taken from others.

When you decide to operate a small business, there are some legal mistakes that you want to avoid making in order to be as successful as possible.