When it can help to hire a tax attorney

Roughly 14 million people in Texas and throughout America owe back taxes to the IRS. This may result in a tax audit, financial penalties or even criminal charges being levied against a taxpayer depending on the circumstances of his or her case. Individuals who are being audited by the federal government have the right to hire legal counsel to help with their cases. An attorney will be able to work with the IRS on a person’s behalf to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Legal counsel may also be helpful for those who owe back taxes and can’t afford to pay them. The IRS may be willing to create a payment plan or otherwise give taxpayers leeway to pay their outstanding balances without creating further financial hardship. An attorney may be able to help a person get some or all of a past due balance forgiven by the government.

Tax attorneys may be helpful for those who are self-employed or who are required to file corporate tax returns. A legal professional may even be able to provide insight into how a person may be able to change the structure of their company in an effort to reduce future tax bills. Finally, an attorney may be able to assist a person who failed to report income in previous years potentially avoid a jail sentence or other criminal penalties.

The government generally understands that the average person may struggle to comprehend the tax code. This is why they will typically be understanding if a person accidentally violates a tax law or regulation. However, a taxpayer may still be expected to pay back taxes and other penalties if that person made an honest mistake. An attorney may be able to have financial or other penalties reduced or waived.