Do you need a business permit?

When you start a business in Texas, you’ll need to apply for licenses and permits so you can operate legally. The type of licenses that you need varies depending on the business that you own. Without a license, the state might be able to shut down your company.

What are some common business licenses?

To start, you’ll need a basic business license to operate in your region. Even if you already registered your business with the state, you might need to register in your city or county. You might also need federal licenses to comply with U.S. business law. For example, if your business produces meat, you might need a license because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees food production.

If your business sells food, you’ll need a health permit to ensure that your business meets health and safety standards. You may need a building permit if you build a new structure for your business. Most businesses need a separate permit if they sell alcohol, tobacco or firearms.

Additionally, you’ll need a professional license if you provide important services. This includes attorneys, teachers, nurses, dentists, engineers, psychiatrists, architects and more. The state may require a seller’s permit if you sell products or services that require a sale tax.

Which licenses does your business need?

Applying for licenses and permits can be a little overwhelming if you’re starting your first business. If you miss even one permit, you might end up operating illegally. You might also not operate in a safe environment, putting your customers and employees at risk.

Fortunately, an attorney could tell you which licenses you need. Some permits require a simple application while others have extra requirements. For example, the fire department might inspect your building before you get your fire permit. A license or permit isn’t just a technicality–it ensures that you’re operating in a safe, legal manner.