What are the most common types of business lawsuits?

Owning a business in Texas or anywhere else is exciting and carries great responsibility. Although you want to protect your company and hold it to the highest standards, certain situations can result in a lawsuit. Below are the most common types of business lawsuits.

Premises liability

Premise liability claims occur when a person suffers an accident and personal injuries while visiting a business. The property must be kept in good, safe condition and well-lit to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. This includes the outside area; if there is snow or ice, it should be cleared away to avoid falls.

Product liability lawsuits are commonly filed against businesses when a product is defective and a customer suffers injuries after properly using that product.

Breach of contract

A person can file a breach of contract lawsuit against a business for failing to comply with the terms of a contract between the respective parties. In some cases, the breach is minor because one party did not fulfill a small portion of the terms of the contract. In other cases, the breach could be much larger with all terms of the contract being disregarded.

Employment discrimination

Employment discrimination lawsuits may be filed against a business when workers have been unfairly treated for certain protected characteristics. It’s against federal business laws to treat employees differently in any area of employment based on their race, color, gender, disability status, pregnancy status, age, religion or national origin.

Wage issues

Employers cannot withhold wages from their employees or fail to pay them their full pay. If a worker is nonexempt, they are also entitled to overtime pay if they work over 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Some lawsuits against businesses are due to such wage issues.

Adhering to all laws and responsibilities can protect your business against these types of lawsuits.