Can my parents claim me on their tax return?

Texas adults can be claimed as dependents on their parents’ federal taxes at any age if they meet specific criteria. They may also be claimed on another person’s taxes but can only be claimed once.

Adults claimed on parents’ taxes

An adult can be claimed on their parents’ taxes if they live with them for over six months. They also must not pay more than half of their support. The adult child must be 19 or younger unless they are 24 and younger and enrolled as a full-time student. The exception to the age limit is if a person is permanently and totally disabled. In that case, if the parents support them, age does not matter.

Adults claimed as a qualifying relative

If the adult child does not qualify as a qualifying child, their parents may still be able to claim them as a qualifying relative. In that case, age does not matter. They must live with their parents all year. The adult being claimed as a dependent must provide less than 50% of their support. Generally, you must have earned less than $4,400 during the year, according to tax law.

Does an adult claimed as a dependent need to file a tax return

Often, an adult who can be claimed as a dependent must file a tax return. If you had earned income of more than $12,950 or unearned income of more than $1,150 as of 2023, you must file a return.

It is possible that an adult child needs to file an income tax return even if they are claimed as a child or qualifying relative on their parents’ return. In that case, they must not claim themselves on their return.