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Texas Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Information

Below is a Texas Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) form for Texans who wish to avoid CPR and other resuscitative procedures in the event that their heart or breathing stops.

Typically, a DNR form is used by patients who are terminally ill, or whose condition would render resuscitation a futile process. A DNR will ensure that all medical personnel, EMTs, paramedics and the like do not attempt any life-saving tactics should such a situation arise.

Preparing a DNR form allows patients to feel at ease knowing they have expressed their intentions ahead of time in case they are unable to make important decisions in the future. For patients who are incompetent or incapacitated, an authorized representative (agent under power of attorney, healthcare surrogate, etc.) can execute a DNR order on their behalf. In all cases, the patient’s attending physician must sign off on the DNR order form.

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