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Proactive Service To Ensure Federal Tax Compliance

Tax issues are often the last thing businesses or individuals want to deal with. However, one mistake could result in an audit and significant financial loss. These matters can become even more complex with federal taxes.

There are serious penalties for tax noncompliance, but our clients can avoid those penalties with our help. The experienced tax attorneys at Blazier, Christensen, Browder & Virr, P.C., make sure our clients understand all their tax responsibilities and follow federal compliance regulations.

Partner Thomas F. Virr specializes in tax law, and he worked for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for over a decade. When we combine that experience with our four decades of trusted legal services, we give our clients around Central Texas and the United States the advantage they need in any situation.

Planning Is Essential

Our attorneys help both businesses and individuals plan successful strategies to approach their federal taxes to avoid debt collections. Maintaining financial health is often one of the most important things for both parties, and what is important to our clients is important to us. We put our clients’ needs first and assist them with:

  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Understanding their obligations
  • Organizing businesses to protect client interests
  • Ensuring correct filing and deductions

Taxes can be complicated for anyone, from a family to a self-employed individual or large business owner. We strive to make things easier for our clients by collaborating with CPAs and tax preparers.

Experienced Tax Assistance

At Blazier, Christensen, Browder & Virr, P.C., we are committed to our clients’ success. We take the time to understand each client’s individual needs so we can tailor our strategies to their goals.

We provide thorough tax counsel, including aggressive representation in tax disputes and handling cases before the IRS Office of Appeals. Generations of clients have trusted our firm since 1976 with their financial concerns, and we honor that trust. At our firm, our clients are never taken for granted. You can rely on our experience and skill for any tax issue.

Contact Our Offices For Trusted Counsel

Contact our firm online or call our Austin office directly at 512-361-2268 to consult with our seasoned tax lawyers today.

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